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Fractional CFOs & Accountants
Small & Medium Business Finance Departments

Unlock Your Finance Potential: Spend More Time Analyzing & Modeling Performance, Less Time on Data Wrangling

Eliminate the need for time-consuming Excel gymnastics. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly pull in data from diverse sources like Shopify, enabling you to create comprehensive spreadsheets in record time without a dozen different tabs

Boost the financial literacy of your key stakeholders with our real-time data dashboard. Leave behind outdated, static reports and embrace dynamic visualizations that empower your team to make informed decisions.

Create multiple iterations of models to showcase to c-suite executives to inform key business decisions and overall strategy.

Excel Keyboard shortcuts to make sure you’re able to efficiently complete all of your spreadsheet work.

What our customers are saying

 "We have had the pleasure to work with Devin & the Kordis team for quite some time now and it has been nothing but a pleasure. Outside of a talented gift with numbers and models, Devin himself is also a special individual that you will thoroughly enjoy having by your side."

Remedy Place Executive Team

 “Our executive team talks all the time about how lucky we are to have Devin and the team running our finance division. It was evident to our board members immediately the level of knowledge and comfort around all the aspects of our accounting and finance.”

Trey Laird, Chairman

 “FWIW I work with Devin in one of my opco investments and I cannot overstate how great he is, especially if the existing state of the books is horrible .”

Zach Ware, Chief Financial Officer

See what Kordis can do for you


Simple dashboard to track real time business KPIs across your various systems of record


Cloud-based modeling software to project out different business scenarios


Slice and dice sales data to understand key revenue drivers and inventory needs

Exciting new features on the horizon

Real-time Data Hub

Real-time report updates from data integrations

Keyboard Shortcuts in the Cloud

Cloud-based spreadsheets with Excel shortcuts

Roll your data forward

Data mappings that automatically update with each integration sync

Automatic updates on your KPIs

Email digests of your financial key performance indicators (KPIs)

More coming soon...

Data Integrations


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What features does Kordis FP&A software include?
  1. Financial KPI Dashboard
  2. 3 Statement Financials from Quickbooks
  3. Financial Modeling
  4. Variance Analysis
  5. Sales Dashboard
How does Kordis software integrate with existing accounting systems?

We sync Quickbooks data to Kordis along with other Sales data seen in our integrations section to allow for reporting and modeling on your business's financial performance.

Can Kordis FP&A software support multi-entity financial consolidation?

Not yet, but this is in our roadmap.

What types of financial models can I build with Kordis software?

You can build models financial models based on specific business segments, or for your entire business similar w/ our spreadsheet functionality

How secure is my financial data within Kordis software?

Your data is stored on Amazon Web Services following the highest-quality security standards it has to offer.

Is Kordis FP&A software suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Right now Kordis FP&A is geared towards Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Startups.

Can I customize financial reports in Kordis software?

We allow you to map your financial categories to summary-level buckets that you can customize to your organization's needs.

Does Kordis offer real-time financial data processing?

Yes, every time you sync your Kordis integrations, we are pulling the latest data from your systems of record.

How does Kordis software facilitate budgeting and forecasting?

Yes, that is Kordis's sweet spot! Financial Modeling & Variance Analysis are built in to help create budgets checking your business's progress against these forecasts.

What kind of customer support does Kordis offer for its software?

We have Intercom included with Kordis so you can directly reach out to our tech support team.

Can Kordis software handle different currencies for international businesses?

Right now Kordis only supports US Dollars.

How does Kordis ensure accuracy and consistency in financial reporting?

Kordis has a reconciliation feature that checks its data against the system of record to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

Can I access Kordis FP&A software on mobile devices?

Kordis is available on mobile web in a limited capacity at this time.

How does Kordis software assist with regulatory compliance and reporting?

Right now Kordis is focused on forecasting & analysis and not regulatory compliance & reporting.

Does Kordis provide training for new users of its FP&A software?

We provide an onboarding call to walk new users through the Kordis platform.

How frequently is the software updated with new features?

We launch new features every few weeks!

Can Kordis software track and manage cash flow in real-time?

Yes, every time you sync your Kordis integrations, we are pulling the latest data from your systems of record.

What are the system requirements to run Kordis FP&A software?

Kordis FP&A software is in the cloud! So as long as you have a modern web browser, Kordis should run well for your system.

How does Kordis FP&A software help with strategic planning?

Yes! You can use Kordis to project out different business scenarios to project out potential income & expenses. This can help you to pick an execution path for strategic planning.

Can I trial Kordis FP&A software before committing to a purchase?

Early customers can be eligible for promotional pricing and we are offering a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with Kordis.